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The Pros & Cons of Wooden Plantation Shutters For NJ Homes

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Are you thinking about investing in Wooden Plantation Shutters for your NJ home but aren't sure they're the right option? They are an investment, so it's good to find out more about Wooden Plantation Shutters before you make a decision.

Other than the beautiful style they offer your home, they offer many benefits. But, they're not right for everyone so you need to know about both the pros and cons of Wooden Plantation Shutters so you can make a wise decision for your NJ home.

Wooden Plantation Shutter Pros

Return on Investment Value

Anytime you invest in window treatments, you're looking for a good return on investment value (ROI). Plantation shutters give you one of the highest returns on investment if they are well made.

Quality is always desirable, so they'll definitely be a plus for home buyers who are looking for custom features like hardwood shutters if you ever decide to sell. Our NJ shutter company knows how desirable custom Plantation Shutters are because we install a lot of them locally.

The Rich Wood Is So Stunning

Real hardwood shutters are amazingly beautiful, especially when you choose to have them richly stained rather than painted during the manufacturing. Our custom Plantation Shutters are made of North American hardwoods with the beautiful fine grain patterns of basswood and poplar.

Natural Wood Insulates

Wood is a natural insulator, so any type of wooden shutter is a great option for extra insulation at the windows. Since windows waste the energy because of heat transference, this type of natural product is a good choice.

Great Warranties With The Right Brands

With the right Plantation Shutter brands, you can get LTD Lifetime Warranties to cover your investment in case of any type of manufacturing problem. Plus, with brands like Hunter Douglas and Graber, two of our personal favorites, the installation is also warranted.

Wooden Plantation Shutter Cons

The Extra Care & Attention They Need

Wooden Plantation Shutters need a little more care and attention, simply because they're made of wood. It's important to clean and care for them right so you don't damage them with moisture or chemicals. If the wood sealant isn't well made, it won't protect your shutters from moisture and UV ray damage so be sure to look for quality brands if you decide the maintenance isn't a big deal.

They Take Up More Space Than Shades or Blinds

Shutters need space on the sides of the window to accommodate the folded back panels. They don't lift up, roll up, or get out of the way when you open them. They can only fold to the side. This bothers some people and not others. You'll need to figure out if it would be okay with you.

Cheaper Brands Can Break Too Easily

Since they're made of wood, they can easily break if you aren't purchasing quality brands. If the shutter slats are too thin, made of soft wood, or aren't sealed with a quality finish, they won't be worth the investment.

If you decide you do want Plantation Shutters, call Monmouth County Blinds to see our quality products up close. We'll be happy to show you samples so you can see how well-made they are.

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