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How To Clean & Care For Window Treatments

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Moisture and detergents can harm some window treatments, so cleaning them right is important if you want to protect your investment. Even dry cleaning can harm some window treatments like cellular shades!

For the best results, read the following recommended cleaning and car tips for wooden blinds, shutters, and other window treatments by our NJ pros at Monmouth County Blinds.

Cleaning Wooden Blinds & Shutters

It never fails, we hear stories about people who dunk their window blinds in the tub or swimming pool to get them clean. You don't want to do that if you expect them to last!

Cleaning wooden blinds is much simpler than you may think. To keep them from building up dust, use a soft-bristled vacuum brush and glide over them gently to remove the debris. We recommend to clean wooden blinds regularly because the dust can affect the mechanical parts and can dry out the wood.

For spot cleaning, just use a slightly moistened clean cloth to wipe up spills as soon as they happen.

Cleaning Faux Wood Blinds & Shutters

Faux blinds and shutters are much easier to clean and care for. They need little maintenance and they're impervious to moisture damage, at least except for the mechanical metal parts. Still, don't decide to dunk them in the tub or pool!

Instead, just dust them as you need to and wipe up spills with a slightly dampened cloth.

Cleaning Vinyl Vertical Blinds

Cleaning vinyl vertical blinds is even easier because the vertical panels remove. You can actually immerse these in water to clean them. An extra tip: You can remove static electricity by applying a thin layer of mild detergent to the vinyl vanes!

Cleaning Fabric Window Shades

Cleaning fabric window treatments is more difficult and easier to get wrong. We recommend you follow the manufacturer's instructions rather than cleaning them with water, soap, cleaners, or liquids like club soda. The decorative fabric window treatments are best cleaned by a professional cleaner who has experience in cleaning quality window shades.

Cleaning Natural Woven Wood Shades

Cleaning natural woven wood shades is a pain, to say the least, because the tight weaves trap dust. This is another window treatment you want to vacuum regularly to stay on top of the buildup. Afterward, apply a little furniture polish so the bamboo or grass reed material stays protected and beautiful.

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