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How To Choose The Best Window Blinds For Bathrooms & Kitchens

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When you purchase window blinds for any room in your home, you want them to last as long as possible. When it comes to choosing the best window blinds for the bathrooms and kitchens, you'll have much more to consider than just aesthetics.

For one thing, you need to think about fit. If you have bay windows in the kitchen or breakfast area, not all window treatments are made to work with them. And, you'll need to consider the high humidity generated by bathing and cooking.

Here are a few tips from our professional window blind company to help you find the best window blinds for bathrooms and kitchens.

Choose Moisture Resistant Window Blinds

Although wooden blinds are incredibly warm and inviting for any room in your home, they're not the best choice for bathrooms and kitchens. You'll want to find window blinds which won't succumb to the warping, bowing, and water damage that high humidity in the bathroom and kitchen causes.

Mildew-resistant faux wood blinds are the best choice for highly humid areas. Look for brands with good warranties and your new blinds will last.

Quality Construction Is Also A Must

Speaking of good warranties, only quality made window blinds will come with them. Manufacturers of custom window treatments like ours at Hunter Douglas and Graber know their products will stand the test of time because they make sure they will. Look for details like dovetail joints instead of corners that are just glued together.

The Best Window Blinds For Bay Windows In The Kitchen

Fitting window blinds on the bay windows or bow windows in your kitchen can be hard because of the unusual curved shape. They have different angles and it can be a really tight fit to put window treatments on them, especially when it comes to having enough space at the intersections for them to function correctly.

If you're not working with a window blind company like us who also installs them, you'll want to choose inside mount window blinds for your bay windows.

Window Blinds For Sliding Glass Doors & French Doors

You can put window blinds on sliding glass doors and French doors, many people do. Wooden vertical blinds with wide slats look amazing on sliding glass doors, and you can get them to match the other window blinds in your house.

As you look at different window blinds for your French doors in the kitchen area, realize that there will need to be cut outs for the door handles.

Your best bet is to purchase the products from a custom window blind company like us so they will be perfectly fit to your sliding glass door or French doors.

How To Fit Window Blinds On Skylights

Yes, you can also install window blinds on skylights! The best type to choose are motorized window blinds. This is another custom feature you'll want similar to the cut-outs for French doors mentioned above.

They're installed on a track system and motorized with a wireless operating system. You'll have an easy way to open and close them anytime you want.

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